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Documentary (“Saving Seaweed”) by Penny White (2008).

The Knowledge Network – The leading Edge: Innovation in BC.

Flash 8 video (8:20 mins | 50mb streaming): Click here

The other IMTA… the International Modeling and Talent Association!

And do not confuse it with GTCA…!

Even beers can have a “seaweedy” taste!

Kelpy Cat

Kelpy can also be the name of a lovely cat...Guess who gave that name!

Kelpy Cat
Kelpy Cat
kelp cartoon Kelp Cartoon

Kelp-O: the favorite cereal of SpongeBob SquarePants!


Beautiful birthday brownie with an IMTA motif by Morgan Chopin!


The Nutty Professor (1963) – Professor Julius Kelp (Jerry Lewis)

Obama's Salmon Joke

Good Mythical Morning presents - Will It Smoothie?

Video of the not–so–perfect IMTA Smoothie!

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